Being at two conferences (South by Southwest Interactive and the Nonprofit Technology Conference) over the past 10 days has left me with a ton of information, ideas, contacts and lots of free goodies. Since I got so many things I will just highlight some of my favorites:

As I had mentioned in a previous post I picked up a ton of shirts, 7 to be exact. My favorite one is on the top and is the only woman’s sized, soft one in the bunch. The rest I will be giving away to co-workers and friends.
One of the conference vendors at NTC had an old-fashioned candy store set up that you could raid whenever you wanted to – so I did and here is what was left today.
In an effort to be more green, SXSW made an effort to limit the amount of swag people got at the conference and instead had virtual swag that you could request if you wanted it. This journal was one of the virtual items and it had arrived by the time I came home. Best of all it was from a company here in Kansas City. It is really cute and will provide me the perfect place to write down my random ideas.
Who doesn’t love a free good book? The only downside for me was that I read the middle two. The Blue Sweater was on my Madagascar reading list and I read Switch in preparation for the second conference. If you’re interested in either just comment and I will arrange to ship one or both to you.
By far the most valuable and useful item I received – on the sidewalk outside the convention center – was this Powerpad. It holds enough juice to power my phone or iPod twice. Very tiny and sleek.

Items not pictured but worth noting: 5 tote bags (the best one from Peeps), 2 water bottles, one dose of 5-hour energy (still a little scared to drink it), 12 stickers that were too cool to throw away and a fancy sampler pack of 6 50mL bottles of wine from the And there you have it, the plentiful and the notable.

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