The rest of the weekend in Southern California flew by! Saturday I spent most of the day with Kim, my other best friend from high school. We went to Santa Monica, ate a delicious heirloom potato, caramelized onion and truffle oil pizza and caught up on life. 

I thought they had sold off the Ferris wheel here but was glad to see it stands.
We watched the surfers take on some pretty rad waves.
Kimberly and me!

Afterward, I drove to Pasadena to see my aunt and uncle. We ate an amazing meal outdoors at a place called Roy’s, hiked a mountain on Sunday morning and I had brunch with another friend from high school. The rest of the time we visited and relaxed. It was a productive work/mini-vaca trip.

Read on for a Public Service Announcement about preferred airport etiquette:

I am not sure what about the airport makes me want to find a soapbox and preach but it happens all the time. Today I had a few things I wanted to share with people but I will share them here instead.

1. After passing through the metal detector and grabbing your stuff off the belt, please proceed to a chair, bench, wall, etc. to put on your shoes. People behind you don’t like being smooshed by the people behind them while you put on your shoes, repack your bag and take a rest.

2. If you haven’t groomed for a while, please consider the restroom to cut your fingernails in. Dropping clippings on the carpet for the cleaning crew is gross and that noise is yucky too.

3. Finally, if you must sit close to others in the little waiting chairs facing other people and take a phone call, consider that you now have an unwilling audience. I would rather not hear you make a deal, fight with your spouse or know the details of your medical problems – all things I have heard today.


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