You know those days, where everything is just about perfect and you find yourself wondering how the day is lasting so long? I know they don’t come around often enough, but Saturday was one of those days for me.

Breakfast doesn’t get any better than New York bagels, chive cream cheese, capers, and freshly smoked salmon from Acme Smoked Fish. Yummy!
As Jessica was perusing Time Out New York for things to do, she mentioned that the Renegade Craft Fair was going on down the street that weekend. I was stoked, I’ve been wanting to go down to the one in Austin or up to Chicago for a couple of years. We walked over and did some shopping, screen printed t-shirts (pictured above), and visited Smorgasburg in the lot next door for drinks and snacks, it was hot out there! I found some great things and artists that I’ll share in my next souvenir post.
We met up with Jessica’s boyfriend, Brian, and headed to the Wythe Hotel rooftop bar for the view and a drink. It was beautiful and my Dark and Stormy was delicious!
After drinks, we headed to Roberta’s for dinner. For those of you who know me, know that pizza is my favorite food group. This pizza joint, frequented by famous NYC foodies, is worth every minute you have to wait, seriously.
We finished off the day with handmade, craft cocktails by Brian with some of Jessica and Brian’s friends on their rooftop deck. Yep, it was a pretty awesome day. Thanks for stopping by!

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