Jessica and I started the weekend right with dinner at Danji, a Korean tapas place with amazing (and spicy) cocktails. I had a Pink Diablo – watermelon-infused tequila, lime and jalapeno – and Jessica had a Spicy Ginger Margarita. For dinner I had the amazing spicy yellowtail sashimi and the mesclun salad. 
To offset the healthiness of dinner, we headed to Amy’s Bread for some dessert. I got halfway through this coconut dream bar before I remembered to snap a photo.
After dinner we headed to this show which was based on a book and followed, Wicked-style, to fill in the story before Peter Pan. It was certainly an interesting play, without much music and many pop culture references that will have to be updated if people continue to perform it. The whole time we watched, I kept thinking about how many high schools will start adding this to their rotation. The show starred one of the main characters from Smash and was enjoyable to watch.
We left Broadway, grabbed the subway, and a slice of pizza, and headed back to Jessica and Brian’s apartment. Thanks for stopping in!

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