Since arriving into NYC on Wednesday, things have been a bit of a blur — in a good way, of course. 

I got in at 7pm and took a cab straight to an event that my friend Jessica was throwing for work, the NY Tech Meetup, at the Gawker rooftop. We drank delicious craft cocktails, created under the mastery of Jessica’s boyfriend, Brian, and heard two futuristic talks about technology and the world.
A war journalist, Danfung Dennis spoke about his new documentary film, Hell and Back Again, and his new company, Condition One, which is revolutionizing the way we will see video on mobile devices. Fascinating stuff.
Ray Kurzweil, one of the most prolific inventors/entrepreneurs/thinkers of our time, then shared his thoughts on the future. For those of you reading who are interested in more about how we will likely have nanobots in our blood, brains and bodies in the next 30 years, check out this summary of his presentation here. I had one of those “in the presence of greatness” moments listening to him speak, even if I only understood fifty percent of what was being said.
I thought the hanging focaccia was delicious. I unfortunately didn’t capture photos of the lime daiquiri’s or the gin and juice (complete with liquid nitrogen), but I did enjoy them both! Thanks for geeking out with me!

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