I started off my trip to NYC with an appointment at JFK to finish my Global Entry application. For the low price of $100, you can apply and skip the line at customs when you come back into the US. As an added bonus, you get a Trusted Traveler ID card which allows you to expedite domestic security and keep your shoes/belt on! The only hassle is the in-person interview, which is only offered at select airports (read, not Kansas City). When I booked my trip, I scheduled the interview and it was a breeze. I’ve never had an interaction with the government that was so quick and painless – seriously took two minutes to answer a question, get my photo snapped and fingerprints taken.

Next up was lunch. Since I am a new owner of a orthodontic appliance, my food choices are limited to soft foods for the time being. This led to a lunch of my favorite food – pancakes. We dined outside at Five Leaves where I had this scrumptious tower of ricotta pancakes with berries, bananas and honeycomb butter.
Afterwards, we headed to Soho for a cupcake at Sugar Sweet Sunshine, which for $1.75 delivers on all of the aforementioned words, and to check out the new Piperlime flagship store, far easier to navigate than the site itself (so many options online).
After a bite on the run from ‘sNice, we headed to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which at first sounded a little stuffy. However, my friends had gotten us on a #HacktheMet tour which gives an offbeat, behind-the-scenes look into a small selection of pieces. It was an awesome way to see the museum, even for a non-art museum person like me. We stayed after hours and had wine and snacks and then heard about a few more pieces of art with the place all to ourselves. A special treat if you’re ever nearby.

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