I was reading an article this morning about staying healthy when you fly. If 40 months of straight travel taught me anything, it was how avoid getting sick while on-the-go. I really can’t recall coming down with anything after being on a plane, even in Africa. Here are my tips:

  • Stay hydrated – I usually start drinking more water than I really want to the day before a flight. Cleaning out my own body of any toxins is a good way to make room for a few unwanted germs from my neighbors.
  • Try Airborne – I might be a little superstitious about this one, but I think it helps. Just put one tablet into a little water right before you go and drink up the fizzy goodness of vitamins and minerals, yum!
  • Eat well – As mentioned in another post, I always travel with healthy snacks. This isn’t because I am a health-nut. I just know that eating the best things when germs may be trying to attack my immune system is better than french fries or chips.
  • Wash your hands – This is a no-brainer for most people, but it really can help – when you start to think of all the things you touch on a plane/airport that have been touched by other people it can make you a little sick.
  • Do some yoga – Yoga, over the past few years, has been the one thing that has kept me the healthiest. Not only does it wring the toxins out of my system but it also keeps me calm, which is a much welcome bonus.
  • Go easy on the caffeine/alcohol – Caffeine can undo your amazing hydration from earlier easily and alcohol can not only dehydrate you but lower your immune system. I usually avoid them both when flying but it’s hard to resist those free Southwest drink coupons when you’ve earned a free flight!
  • Sleep – Getting enough shut-eye is the best way for your body to recover or prevent illness. By making sure you get good rest, you increase your chances of staying well to enjoy your travels, and return home ready to take on the world.

As for staying healthy in a hotel room, that’s another story, maybe I’ll share some of that later on. Have a wonderful day and thanks for stopping by!

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