I always love when work travel brings on reunions. Dynasti and I graduated from UMKC last May and hadn’t seen each other since last summer, as she’d moved to SF for a new job. As my Facebook friends might recall, Dynasti and I spent the summer of 2012 adventuring around Kansas City, trying everything from trapeze to paintball. Upon arriving in SF last night, we headed to Pier 39 and strolled around looking for dinner (due to the tummy ache I got after, the place shall remain nameless). After a proper catch up on all things work, family, classmates, etc., we got cupcakes from the Cako Bakery. Hoping to hangout again before I leave on Thursday (D mentioned food trucks…).
I’m staying at The Mosser Hotel, right down the street from where our SF office is housed. It makes me think of the apartment I would have if I ever lived in a big city – the place is tiny but expertly furnished, with storage built into everything. I got settled in and crashed around 10, multiple US timezones messing with me a little bit. For now, more SF adventure awaits — have a great day!

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