I arrived in D.C. bright and early with plenty of time to enjoy my day. According to my pedometer, I walked a total of 9 miles – all in the name of minimizing the public transportation and minimizing the caloric intake below! Here is what the day had in store:

Along the lines of my last post, I mostly stuck to my original plan. I started off my day, after checking into the bed and breakfast, with a Nutella latte and an almond croissant as big as my face, yum!
On my way to the Newseum, I found my first cherry blossom tree outside of the Library of Congress.
My visit to the Newseum was fun. I went for the 4-D movie first, against the advice of the orientation video, but I figured it was the one thing I didn’t want to miss so I went for it. My other favorite parts of the museum were the private, behind-the-scenes peek at the news studio, the sections of the Berlin wall, the newspaper blooper tiles in the bathroom, and the World Press Freedom map (bottom left three panels).
After a soft pretzel snack, I made my way to the National Botanic Garden where they had a special orchid exhibit. I almost walked right on by but realized that if my dad heard that he’d be disappointed so I stopped in to snap some photos. These pitcher orchids were among my favorite.
Unfortunately I did not take a picture of my wonderful dinner companions but with a professional photographer at the table snapping away I give up. I did snap my five cheese, artichoke heart pizza’s picture though. (If you were keeping track, this is number three off my list from my last post of things I wanted to do.)
We rounded off our delicious seventhHill Pizza meal with cupcakes and a macaroon for Katie. Fresh off of winning Cupcake Wars, the sweet lobby was a great way to end the day. I had this amazing midnight dark chocolate cupcake. We liked that the shop called their fans “sweet lobbyists.” Sweet lobbyists, indeed.

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