Over the years, every time I have told someone that I grew up in Maine they inevitably say, “Oh, I’ve always wanted to go there.” I, in turn, follow up with, “Oh, you should go, it’s the best place on earth – especially in the summer.” They then ask me questions about how much snow we get in the winter, how much I love lobster and what the rocky coast looks like (as opposed to sand, people can’t picture how you would swim in this situation, for instance). I love talking about the state so I answer all questions and hope that they someday will visit.

When we arrived on Friday – Brian and I after Brian’s parents and brother, Thomas – my dad led the convoy up to Grand Lake Stream. But not before stopping to make sure we all got one of the world’s best lobster rolls. My mom always ensures that any visit I make includes an authentic version of this lobster delight. As with any “fine food art”, there is a right way and a wrong way to do a lobster roll. Not needing to dwell on the negative, the right way is fresh lobster meat, lightly mayonnaised (no Miracle Whip need apply here), overflowing on a buttered and toasted hot dog roll (a specific kind too, of course). What you end up is something that looks like this, the onion rings are just a bonus:

Just in case you’re in Brewer, Maine on Route 9 – or you’re my kind of person, wacky enough to go someplace just for the food – Eagle’s Nest is your spot. Don’t expect to be seated or served quickly though, as multiple signs from “the management” explained, “there is only one cook and one waitress per shift but your food will be worth the wait.”

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