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Y’all, this breakfast burrito and fresh watermelon juice were so delicious that I gobbled them up. Unfortunately, I was very ill immediately following my meal (yikes!).

Luckily, I had a pretty laid back day planned. I hung out reading by the pool while watching these two German Shepherds play together.

Most people on the island use a golf cart to get around. I needed to get to some places that were too far to walk to, so I rented one for 24 hours.

I drove a half hour to get to this beautiful yoga studio, Science & Soul Yoga. It’s located inside this fancy real estate development called Mahogany Bay Village. The drive was a bit stressful, as my only other golf cart experience was at a plant nursery. But it was a nice way to see more of the island.

I signed up for a beginner aerial yoga class, which I have always wanted to try. There were only two of us in the class. The other person wasn’t really comfortable doing the class, so she sat out mostly. I recruited her into taking a photo of me. It’s too bad she didn’t get the next pose where I tipped forward from here! The class was really fun and I basically had a private lesson for $20!

The next morning, I drove to the other end of the island to another yoga class. I drove by this little outdoor food market and turned around to take a picture of this colorful shipping container.

Ak’BoL’s entrance was so natural looking that I accidentally drove by it the first time. I drove my golf cart down a jungle path to the yoga retreat center.

While I waited on my class to start, I sipped on a freshly made papaya juice. I walked to the beach and spotted this guy sunning on the bridge.

Relaxing in a hammock before class started, with the second outdoor classroom in the distance. There was a yoga retreat in session or we would’ve had our class out there on the water.

This is where our two-hour ashtanga class took place, with our mats in a circle. I had no idea it was two hours long, so I ducked out early to drive to the spa. I know, tough life.

If I ever go back to Belize, I am going to stay at Victoria House. In addition to having a beautiful spa, it also has an amazing restaurant, beachfront, pool, hotel and is super quiet. I liked where I stayed, but it was on the party-end of the island with lots of bars and foot traffic. As a solo traveler, I wasn’t really looking for.

I had my first Reiki massage at the spa. The whole time I was trying to figure out if I actually felt anything happening. After that and a pedicure, I headed to lunch on the beach. The Spanish snapper ceviche was incredible, and the French 75, mojito, and grilled cheese w/fries rounded out my double lunch. It was by far the best food I had on vacation.

The landscaping was also gorgeous, like this giant hibiscus. I enjoyed walking around the grounds before heading back to my hotel to drop off my golf cart and relax for the rest of the night. One more day to go!

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