I arrived in NYC on Wednesday night. My trip is half work and half play – the best kind of trip really – and I finally get to meet my friends’ baby, almost six months old. On Thursday I worked from the office here and headed back to my friends’ place to a yummy pasta dinner (I chopped the tomatoes and garlic, but Jessica’s Brian did the magic – aka ‘cooking’). It looked like a restaurant had served it, so I had to share.
The view from their balcony of a summer sunset in NYC.
On Friday, Jessica and I had lunch at Cookshop, next to the High Line, al fresco. I had the watermelon mint cooler (mocktail – it was still a work day), the vine bean & squash blossom frittura with herbed aioli, and the gazpacho of beefsteak tomato, tempranillo wine, mint, and garlic. Everything was so delicious!  
Around the corner from lunch sits this awesome store called Story. When I was in NYC last November the theme was (no surprise) the holidays and was filled with interesting, unique gift items for anyone you might want to buy for. This trip, it was themed for back to school, in partnership with Nickelodeon.
The Nickelodeon theme was also a throwback to my childhood. I used to love watching the show Double Dare (you know, the one that ended with a crazy obstacle course?). There was a lady in the store next to this big hamster wheel and she asked if I wanted to try it out.  Um, yes please! So I signed the safety waiver, donned the protective gear and got in the wheel. It was so much harder than it looked on tv. I was trying to see if I could get it to go all the way around with me in it – video footage here.
For dinner, Jessica booked a reservation for us at semilla, a vegetable forward restaurant in Brooklyn. We feasted on nine courses (plus bread) of yummy dishes – too many to capture all the details of without having to whip out my notebook. From the French cider to the leaf-wrapped sweet potato tacos to the cuttlefish corn chowder to the saffron foamed peaches over almond panna cotta and everything in between – I was in heaven.

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