I fell down the stairs this morning. I caught myself halfway down on a spindle and saved myself from plunging headfirst into the coffee table. I jammed my thumb pretty bad and have been moping about it all day. I am annoyed when I seem to hurt myself at inopportune times – like hurting my thumb right before I have to do a masterful luggage juggle – or slicing my foot open when jungle rot is a threat. Either way it makes me pause and think about why I hurt myself in the first place and it’s usually because I am rushing.

My executive coach last week told me that I should try some quiet reflection time to think about my work more intentionally. Brian tells me all the time that we don’t have to “go faster” in the car because we’re not in a rush. I think I’ve felt a sense of urgency to rush all my life – which I realize is probably why it seems to go so fast and why I still think in my mind that we’re in January 2006. So, I am vowing to try harder.

I had lunch today with the lovely ladies mentioned in this post and found myself losing track of time. I felt in the moment and never once looked at my watch. Tonight I went to dinner with Brian to celebrate Valentine’s Day and the food came out slow and I didn’t even care. Even though it sadly made us miss the first installment of the film festival I had so been looking forward to, I felt like I needed to stay in that moment to create that memory to hold on to over the next couple of weeks. I can’t say I will always be successful at slowing down but I certainly won’t get any better without practice.

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