Our Azafady team.

It’s hard to believe that a year ago I was camping out in the bush of Madagascar. It seems like only yesterday that I was waking up to the clang of a spoon on the pot of breakfast rice. Days filled with cultural discoveries (both African and British), beautiful sunsets and projects that would hopefully leave a lasting impact. So much has transpired since then – for me and the country. The presidential elections that were supposed to have taken place last year are now set for May 5th – hopefully they will happen. I have kept in touch with some of my travel mates over the past year but haven’t heard much about the village we lived in. I hope everyone is doing well.

As I look back on events, adventures, conferences, etc. that I have been part of recently, I keep coming back to this idea that I wish I had a magical device to help me process them. My device would allow me to see the whole experience, take out the important lessons that I need to hold onto and file them away neatly in my brain to be called upon in the future when needed. I realize that this doesn’t exist and that life is just messy and sometimes you don’t get to know what mattered until much later on. Either way I hope it’s true that you can continue to grow brain neurons by having new experiences because I plan on having a few hundred more. Cheers!

Jana took this amazing photo on a walk back to camp.

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