We headed for Nederland, CO for dinner at Crosscut Pizzeria & Taphouse – it was so good! We started with Wood Fired Brussels Sprouts (polenta, pine nuts, balsamic, pecorino toscano) and a Caesar salad. We then had the Artichoke Fontina pizza (spinach, oregano, fontina, bechamel) and homemade ice cream – I had blueberry and Brian had the maple walnut.
After dinner, and picking up lunch for our hike the next day, we headed to Brian’s aunt and uncle’s cabin for the night.
We stopped into Salto Coffee Works for some java and pastries before heading up to the Roosevelt National Forest. I had a latte and a raspberry scone.
When we started our hike to Blue Lake, I said I wanted to see a moose. A mile in, this little guy crossed in front of us on the trail, along with another that passed by before I could pull out my phone. So cool – my first non-Maine moose!
The day was perfect for our 8-mile, roundtrip hike to Blue Lake (pictured at the bottom left). The temperature ranged between the mid-50’s to the low 70’s. As you can see, the snow had yet to melt in several places and the trail was quite muddy. With it being a holiday weekend, the trail was also pretty busy but it was a great hike.
There was a point along the trail where you had to cross a stream using some log bridges. Brian was trying to take my picture and a guy came along and offered to take one of both of us.
This was the scenery in front of the log, just beautiful. We finished our hike, stopped for some Colorado beers and ciders to take home (the novelty of driving vs. flying!) and headed back to Brian’s grandparent’s house for dinner. It was a wonderful day, and a great week exploring Colorado for work and pleasure. Thanks for following along!

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