As most of you know, I am not the luckiest flier ever. Often delayed, I have my share of travel mishaps, delays and unplanned mini-trips courtesy of the airlines. What I experienced this evening is fairly bizarre, based on a series of events I thought I might share as I sit in my parents guest room, never having left.

1. Got to the airport with clear skies.

2. It started snowing like mad ten minutes later.

3. Got seated next to a Portland Pirates player. Was quickly reminded of why I stopped dating hockey players in college when I had to explain that working for a non-profit didn’t mean I didn’t make any money.

4. Was told before take-off that the snow would make it hard to fly so 21 people and their bags needed to get off and we would get $400 in travel vouchers.

5. Got booked on flight for next day and received said vouchers despite the flight being canceled right before I rebooked. (Never got something when weather was involved, and it was Delta!)

6. Tried to get a cab but was told none were running.

7. Called my parents for a ride, but multiple accidents had everyone stranded so I waited two hours.

8. Had crazy lady yell at me while I tried to explain there were no cabs to my dad. She started cussing and yelling that they were coming and I just had to wait a beeping minute. She was still waiting when my dad came.

9. Lent my phone to a lady who didn’t have one a few times who turned out to be a jewelry designer who asked for my address so she could mail me one of her pieces.

10. Left the airport and ended up where I started.

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