After breakfast on Friday, we headed to Crescent Moon Picnic Site for some hiking, swimming and quality time (or a little longer nap, in the case of my youngest nephew, fast asleep in the middle right photo). My in-laws brought a package of squirt guns which proved to be the highlight of the day for the younger members of the group, including my oldest nephew (pictured at the bottom) who grinned as he chased people down. That was until a tarantula was discovered in the parking lot next to the picnic area (pictured middle left).

We brought all the fixings for sandwiches and had a great afternoon. We headed back to the cabins and spent the rest of the day hanging out in the common area, playing games, eating dinner from the cafe on the property and catching up.

On Saturday, after some swinging on the playground with the nephews, we drove into downtown Sedona (about 20 minutes from where we are staying) and hopped onto two trolleys to see the Chapel of the Holy Cross (pictured upper left). After picking which fruit you liked most, apples or bananas, the family quickly divided itself between the two trolleys, which were labeled for our reunion (middle top photo).

Although the ride only lasted an hour, a million photos were snapped as the scenery around the church, up on a hill, provide some amazing views. Of the ones I took, the photo of Brian’s grandparents talking inside the church (top, right) was my favorite. The middle bottom photo is Brian’s youngest brother, Thomas, and grandpa, and the picture above me at the bottom right is my mother-in-law, Anne, with my youngest nephew.

After the trolley and lunch at the Cowboy Cafe, I headed back with some of the family to the cabins for a swim (bottom photos). Saturday was also my oldest nephew’s third birthday, so we picked up the dinosaur cake we ordered (top photo) and added it to the lovely decor in the banquet hall on the property (middle photos). Our traditional end-of-the-reunion dinner is always a highlight of our weekends together every three years.

As is custom, we enjoy a lovely meal together (in this case: salad, chicken parmesan, turtle sundaes and birthday cake) and we have a recap of the weekend in prose from Grandpa McGoldrick, pass the torch on to the next hosts (Brian’s cousins, Ryan and Erin) and learn where the next reunion will be (Asheville, NC – 2018). In addition to grandpa’s recap, he also included his three principles for life, which I thought were too good not to include here:
1) Always have something to do.
2) Always have someone to love.
3) Always have something to look forward to.


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