After a 3:30am alarm, and a direct flight to Phoenix, we arrived at Lux Central for breakfast. Housed in a rather nondescript building, from the outside, the place was teeming with people and delicious food and coffee. I somehow managed to get past the pastry display and placed an order for two eggs, hash and fresh tomatoes, along with a latte. Everything was superb.

A quick two and a half hour drive later, we were in Sedona. We scouted out a few things for the reunion (and place an order for one dinosaur cake for our nephew’s birthday who will turn 3 on Saturday) and had lunch (salads, fried cactus and margaritas) at the Cowboy Club. We then headed up to The Butterfly Garden Inn where we are renting 13 cabins for the reunion.

I think the best part of trips like this is waiting for everyone to arrive. Brian’s grandparents, parents and one aunt showed up tonight and we all headed to the Elote Cafe, which you might recognize if you’ve read any of my past Sedona blog posts. Brian is posing with his reposado tequila and my ahi tacos are to his right. Despite an hour wait, it was worth it, as always, and everyone enjoyed the food and the company. The rest of the family, minus two cousins arriving on Friday, will be here soon and we’re excited to see them!

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