I love St. Andrews by-the-Sea. It’s simply the perfect nautical town. It reminds me of Ireland, so it’s fitting that every time I have been there it’s been a little grey and overcast. The tiny shops, colorful buildings and the dock out to the whale watching boats are stuck in time – staying the way you would want them to, year after year. We always take a day trip, usually to celebrate my late July birthday, when we’re up in Grand Lake Stream. The only disappointment this year was that the coffee shops (all rumored to be amazing) were closed up for the day. Oh well, there’s always next time, and Tim Horton’s!

Love that maple leaf!
My birthday lobster dinner at The Gables. I even had the tail left over for a lobster roll the next day, yummy!
The sites of St. Andrews. Can’t get enough of the weatheredness.
Or the buoys, love the buoys!
Finally, no trip to Canada is complete without a trip to Tim Horton’s for a frozen cappuccino and a sour cream glazed doughnut.

Also, wanted to mention, in case you hadn’t heard – Groupon and Expedia have formed a partnership that allows for great travel bargains. I mention it here because they currently have deals for Canada and Maine. Enjoy!

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