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I don’t like incredibly short trips, but when I booked my trip to Chicago I wasn’t sure what my work situation would be and I didn’t want to have to ask for time off at a new job if I didn’t have to. Hence, a 36 hour trip to the Windy City.

The biggest downside was that since I was going for The Independent Sector Conference, I was to be inside for the majority of the trip and couldn’t explore very much of the city. I did get a couple of things in, however, so here they are:

1) I took the train, albeit with a tiny bit of help!
2) We walked a little bit of the city on our way to and from brunch, the only meal eaten outside of the hotel.

3) We (my friend Moree and I) ate brunch at a place called the Grand Lux Cafe. The mocha I had was delicious and the red velvet pancakes with chocolate chips and cream cheese frosting were amazing.
4) From the Swissotel, where the conference was held, we had this incredible view of the Navy Pier. You could take a water taxi out to see it up close for only $4. We almost did this but the weather was a little chilly and I didn’t have the right outdoor attire with me.

As for the rest of the weekend, it was spent learning about networking, harnessing your personal power, managing change in the workplace and actually networking with non-profit, foundation and public sector professionals. It may have not been the most relaxing activity to take part in during my only weekend off from school, but like I was just saying a few posts ago, I’m a sucker for a challenge. Thanks for checking in!

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