Every now and then it’s nice to get out of the normal weekend routine of catching up on all of the things you didn’t get done during the week. This weekend we headed up to Weston, MO (an hour and ten minutes from our house) and enjoyed the fall weather at the Weston Irish Festival. It’s always a great time to enjoy Irish music, a pint or three of Black Velvet (half Magner’s, half Guinness) and recharge a little bit just by doing nothing. If you are in the KC area and you are reading this close to when it was posted, you still have until Sunday night to enjoy it too!

We stayed at the Benner House on Friday night, which is just a short walk from the festival and downtown area.
My favorite part of this festival is how much it feels like you’re in Ireland. There are two stages underground in the cellars of the Weston Brewing Company at O’Malley’s Pub. I suppress my inner daughter-of-a-safety-engineer and try not to let the crowds that easily exceed any junior fire-code inspector’s eye and tuck in for some raucous music and knee-slapping.
The rest of the festival happens outdoors on two stages – the larger one with a banner and the one to it’s right that houses pipes and dancing alternately between bands. The last few times we’ve been, it’s rained like crazy (or like the Emerald Isle) but this year it was beautiful and bright. Thanks for checking in!

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