(From time to time in 2011 I am going to take a few detours from the normal topic of travel and write about something else, just so you know)

We have a friend who is a massage therapist. This morning she was asking Brian if he was looking forward to his first massage with her this week. She wanted him to be excited about his appointment and was clearly happy about sharing her gift of massage with someone new, in a not-full-of-herself way. She was beaming as she shared stories with him of satisfied clients. Do you light up when you talk about what you do?

How’s your life lately? Are you excited about it? Do you wonder why people pay you to do your job because it’s so fulfilling or makes you feel useful? Does your mind wander to endless ways to improve things around you, in a way that is not critical but genuine? Are you in a rut? Do you expect big changes for yourself or your family in 2011? Does the small, internal voice in your head tell you that you can’t learn Spanish – like mine does? Are you making excuses about why your life can’t be awesome? Is it all about money?

I guess the point of all this is that you won’t know unless you give yourself two seconds to think. If you run around and never reflect on your thoughts, feelings, etc. you may miss something. Take work for example. This week, on vacation, I have found myself reading books, magazines and blogs about it. It’s not that I don’t understand work, I just know it can always be better. Since our jobs can become our lives, in a lot of ways, I think we should want to make sure that it’s as good as it can be for us. And if it’s not – how can we change it? (If you’re interested, check out the book Switch: How To Change Things When Change is Hard. It might give you a place to start on that.)

In one of the blogs I follow, the blogger describes going home to visit his family and talks about how they all felt bad for him because he “had to” do work while there. He tells them that he sees it as “getting to” do it, but doubts they really understand. I guess a lot of it is attitude – can you imagine thinking along this blogger’s lines when you are working on something at home on the weekend?

So this year, I plan on having a great year. I don’t know all that is in store for me but I hope to make the most of it. For starters, I already have a couple of ideas of ways to make my work more fun, maybe a sidebar on that to follow in the future. I hope in 2011 you can find something this year that you “get to do” too, if you haven’t found it already.

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