A pictorial review of the work we did this week in Yosemite:

The aftermath of the rockslide; this used to be a trail through the forest.
Clockwise (from top left): my dad and me in front of the rubble, big pieces of granite, the big pieces of granite after I broke them up by hand (no power tools/equipment allowed back on the Federal trails), progress on the trail where we sanded over the granite gravel, wheelbarrows lined up ready for rocks/sand, my dad winching a giant boulder off the trail.
My “getting-things-done” face as I winch a tree from the ground. Grrr!
So, to recap, we shoveled lots of sand and rock, winched giant boulders from the trail, winched this tree growing in the middle of the trail, moved logs and brush off of the trail, hid pseudo-trails with camouflage to discourage off-trail camping, and blew up granite with shotgun shells and explosive boosters (not pictured, need to get that photo from my dad’s camera). In all, it was a lot of work but I think we managed to get maybe a quarter of it done. The trail is supposed to open back up in mid-October. Thanks for checking in. Tomorrow I’ll share some non-work photos!

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