Like I mentioned in my last post, I had a great day checking out the Renegade Craft Fair. There were so many great artists and booths, it was hard to pick out just a few things to buy. However, thanks to my budget and my small suitcase, it got a lot easier. Here is what followed me home, and a few mentions of places I will definitely shop online in the future!

I’m not sure what I liked more – that this artist was from Maine (right near where I grew up) or her designs, like this linen tea towel.
This ring was made using 3D printer technology, which is becoming all the rage according to the podcasts I’ve been listening to on NPR. I am not entirely sure I quite understand how it works. Either way, this ring is awesome, as is the rest of their jewelry which you should totally check out here.
I’m a bit obsessed with letterpress things anyway, but these coasters from Wishbone Letterpress were especially vibrant and pretty. Each set comes with six designs and were the perfect remedy to my sweating cold beverages on my desk at work.
As I am always on the hunt for ways to make my cubicle feel more like an Anthropologie store, this print from Little Things Studio was perfect.

Perused but not purchased (yet):

  • –  these posters depict the public transit systems of your favorite cities; so cool
  • Son of a Sailor – delicate and beautiful jewelry, mixing elements like brass and painted enamel, great prices too
  • Virginia Kraljevic – this artist sold amazingly detailed, and whimsical, pen and ink drawings, so cute

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