I’m not usually one at a loss for words or at a loss for what to do next, etc. However, when we took the ferry out to Governors Island and went ashore to one of my childhood haunts I was a little overwhelmed to say the least. Oddly, I even felt like I might cry. I only lived there for three years but you know how when you’re a kid and think things are way more monumental than they really are? Especially during the formative years? Yeah, anyways, it’s like that. Here are some photos from the trip out, the rest of the day will be coming tomorrow.

You can rent bikes to ride around the island now, although at $40/hour for this set of wheels we opted for a photo and nothing more. (Brian and Jessica in the front; Brian and I in the back.)
I didn’t live here but I do remember playing on this playground a few times with a friend of mine who did. It’s sad to see all these big brick buildings falling into disrepair and being used as a firefighter training school.
I rode my bike on this sidewalk many times – and tried desperately from falling into “doggy island” on the right-hand side.
Some remnants from the Coast Guard days on the island still stand for now. The photo on the right was where we went for groceries, haircuts, dry cleaning, etc.
We lived here, in New Brick Village – or at least that’s what we called it, having moved previously from “Old Brick Village”. The trees are starting to reclaim their land as you can see.
I was so excited to see that you could walk into my old church, St. Cornelius Chapel. But then I was kind of sad that they had taken out the pews and put in a modern art exhibit. Why?
Iconic view from the island – Lady Liberty and the Staten Island Ferry.
Manhattan from the island. (Mom, notice the ferry terminals in the center.) That’s it for now, thanks for checking in!

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