During the trip I kept a journal, as I have started getting in the habit of doing on trips where I expect to have some thought or another worth remembering much later on. The act of even writing things down can connect thoughts together and allow me to understand more about what is happening than just by experience alone. I used my new journal to keep things organized – my needs assessment lists, daily log of things we did, list of memorable people, pictures I attempted to draw and then a list of ongoing reflections. I wrote them down as they came and thought I would share them, in all their randomness, here.

  1. Though there is strong evidence of destruction and ruin after the war, you can get a glimpse of what used to be here.
  2. It’s odd that there are almost no older people or people with disabilities around. A lot were killed during the war – either through being left behind when fleeing villages or full out extermination in the case of the disabled.
  3. People are fairly open to talking about the war, the government, the upcoming elections and problems they see in their community.
  4. The generosity of the people is humbling.
  5. The bugs weren’t as bad as I was expecting but I’m sure that will be different during the rainy season.
  6. There are so many evident and identifiable needs that it feels overwhelming at times. I think the best place to start is with one small step.
  7. Learning Liberian English would be helpful – if only they made an audible translation dictionary for that (as it is written the same but spoken differently).
  8. Everyone seemed happy to see us – even the ladies across the street yelling “HEY, White Lady! I want some chop!” through our kitchen window.
  9. This is a really awesome place, I will definitely be back here.

Some more photos at random…

My bed. Didn’t end up needing the net.
The nursery school class at Lott Carey. The girls were singing a song about shaking their hips and the boys were giggling about it.
The T.H.I.N.K. cosmetology students crafted this lovely side ponytail for me – complete with hot oil treatment to begin!
Street view.
Face-painting galore!
Tired out after a long day of school.

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