I love reading, maybe almost as much as traveling. I tend to approach it in a messy way though. I am often reading multiple books, switching when something comes in from the library or when I am trying to figure out a new concept at work or something like that. I have gotten into a bad habit lately of having the same two (partially read) books next to my bed, while a long line of new books sneak past them. In an effort to gain a little control back, I decided this weekend was a perfect opportunity to get caught up.

[If you are keeping track, I was supposed to go back to Joplin to volunteer, but after the last couple of weeks I really needed some personal time. I will be back in Joplin at some point soon.]

The books I finished this weekend:

I got this book for Christmas two years ago and then it got lost in a closet. I took it out about a year ago and I have been slowly reading it ever since. It’s not that it’s a dull read, I just find myself really having to pay attention to all of the foreign names, cities and initiatives outlined in the book as the author shares incredible stories about social entrepreneurs, mostly Ashoka fellows, from around the world. I found this book to be inspiring and I was amazed what one person could do to affect things like quadrupling childhood immunization rates, finding dignity for adults living with disabilities when the government didn’t support that and supporting street children with social services.
This book was actually not one of the lingers next to my bed, I’ll get to that one in a second. I picked this up a week ago and tore through it. This book painted a rather frightening picture of the future of water worldwide. Current corporate privatization of everything from rivers to underground aquifers to sucking water out of clouds were discussed in a very vivid and powerful way. The environmental impact of desalination plants and bottled water were also discussed. If you are interested in learning more about what future wars will be about, you should really check this out.
I am trying to get back through all of Seth Godin’s books. They are so great and cut through all the normal book niceties – getting right to the point. This book dealt with how to make yourself integral to your company or organization, not a bad idea in an economy like ours.

The book I might have to give up on:

After seeing Inside Job, I really wanted to read Satyajit Das’ book about derivatives – I know, I’m a nerd. Maybe it’s all the other books I’ve had going on, but I can’t seem to get very far in this one. Maybe I shouldn’t try to read it in bed at night, maybe I’ll try to get to it on a Saturday morning.

And finally, two books I am pretty excited to start reading:

When Rivers Run Dry – Fred Pearce
Brilliant. Crazy. Cocky. – Sarah Lacy

Thanks for checking in and let me know what you’re all reading too!

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