As I have been doing my pre-homework for grad school which, by the time you read this started yesterday, I have also been trying to work in some reading for fun. I have only gotten through two chapters in one of the books I was looking forward to in my last recent read roundup post, but managed to pick up a couple of others.

The books I just finished:

My friend Julie (from Roving I) suggested this book to me when we had our recent meetup. She said any traveler had to read this and she was right. (Especially since I grew up hiking on parts of the Appalachian trail.) This tale of two friends discovering the woods in mid-life was charming and filled in some interesting details of American history as well as the history behind the famed trail that runs from Maine to Georgia. I even had a dream/nightmare about hiking during the period I spent reading the book.
I won’t lie, I did not pick out this book on my own. It was one of the books I had to pre-read for school for a class on leadership. I was not that excited about it but as I started reading it I kept thinking about a) how much my dad would love it (having been in the Coast Guard) and b) how good it was. This harrowing tale of the 1914 failed cross-Antarctic expedition left you wondering how everyone survived. (I’m not giving too much away, as it is in history books, but I would suggest it to those of you who love a great, heroic tale and those of you who, like me, would like to make it to Antarctica someday.)
This book was the perfect read for me – funny and timely. Reading it just as I was leaving my job was a nice encouragement. The author of the book, and also author of the blog gapingvoid, interspersed wisdom about living your dreams with his ingenious little cartoons. A quick read that is definitely worth checking out, especially if you are working on a little “evil plan” on your own.

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