(Since I published my reading list for Madagascar, I thought I would continue the trend and share my second reading list for Africa.) Now that I have a Kindle, I can bring as many books to Liberia as I want in a tiny package, how cool! That said I can’t afford all the books in the world so I’m going with these:

Saw a TED Talk with the author and she talked about how the economy will progress to the point where we’ll all be sharing our stuff. A great concept I think.
This was a recommendation from my boss, don’t mind if I do work a week like this David, thank you!
Because I do love to know where we are headed in this crazy world of ours and I am a huge econ geek.
Women speak out from the ruins of war – talking candidly with a perspective not often shared – about things like how during peace time after war, violence against women often escalates. Should be an appropriate read as we interact with women in Liberia who are just starting to rebuild after their war ended only seven years ago.
Because the movie is coming out and I am sure the book is much better I am going to take this along as my entertainment read. Plus it was only $5, bonus!

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