Growing up, no rainy day was ever complete without some sort of crafty activity. From magazine collages to paper bag hand puppets, my mom occupied my brother and I with lots of paper, glue and crayons. As an adult, rainy days are usually spent at work or doing chores around the house. Since I was on vacation, my friend Vanessa and I got to work on some scarves that you have undoubtedly seen either on people or on Pinterest. In case you haven’t seen them, here’s a quick tutorial on how to make one of your own:

Find a cotton t-shirt with no side seams. Using a straight-edge and a rotary cutter, cut the bottom seam off and discard.
Cut the top of the shirt off at the armpit seams (or below any design that is present).
Using the straight edge, the rotary cutter and something to protect your table, cut 1.5″ bands of the shirt (leaving the sides of the shirt connected in big loops).
Stretch out each loop like a big rubber band to create the curled effect of the t-shirt.
You should end up with piles of loops that look like this.
Using a scrap from the upper part of the shirt that you cut off (like the sleeve), cut a 1″ strip (not a loop) and stretch it out. Tie one end around the gathered loops and carefully wrap around the loops to hold in place. Make sure to tuck the ends as you go to avoid unraveling. (We tried using a crochet hook to help with this but it was easier with fingers.)
The finished product – cheap and easy!

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