This weekend I went to Rochester, NY to visit some good friends from college and to meet their toddler who is about to turn two. For some reason the weather turned cold and rainy as soon as I arrived. Then I remembered, that’s what Rochester is known for – crazy mood swings in temperature, precipitation, etc. I spent almost four years attending college in this town but it’s easy to forget these things when you’ve been gone for awhile. The weekend was full of catching up with my friends, playing trains with their son, shopping, and getting a little extra sleep. Here are a few photo highlights from the trip:

Vanessa and I; it should be noted that my gritted teeth are due to the arm-wrestling match taking place just below the view of the camera.
After our dinner at Hogan’s Hideaway on Friday, we walked over to buy some fine chocolates and peruse the goods at Parkleigh.
Following dinner, we visited one of our old college haunts, Abbott’s, for frozen custard. I had a hot-fudge sundae with chocolate almond custard and gummy bears, of course.
Tomorrow I’ll share a tutorial on our rainy-day craft activity. Thanks for stopping by!

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