After a few delays, I finally made it into Cleveland last night to cheer on my dad today in his first race of the National Senior Games. He started with the 10K time trial, which was held in a beautiful park on a river. The temperature hovered in the 60s all day, it was beautiful. My dad had a great first day of racing and placed 33rd out of 44 in his age group. He also clocked his fastest average speed to date (23.4mph), not to bad for just turning 60! It was awesome to see the competitors going strong into their 90s!
After waiting on times to be announced, lunch, and a nap (I needed one too), my dad and I headed to the Senior Games Beach Party at Lake Erie. It was a fun time that included a bonfire (pictured with my dad), a steel drum band, a photo booth, and food trucks for dinner. We had some tacos and french fries. The highlight* of the evening was watching the mascot for the Games walk around in his air-filled suit. It’s not funny to describe here, but let’s just say he was having some trouble getting around. Here’s to hoping tomorrow is just as good!

*The highlight of the day was not when a woman asked me, near a food truck, if I was competing. Um, no, you have to be at least 50 for that. A good reminder to wear sunscreen more I guess.

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