Today was a pool day — I enjoyed breakfast (bottom right) and dinner by the pool, read by the pool and swam. I also checked out the second beach. Although it was high tide, the walk down was very pretty (middle right).

During breakfast I kept hearing a bunch of noises and noticed the trees swaying, despite a lack of wind. When I looked closer, I realized there were about 15-20 monkeys climbing about and eating their breakfast. Then, some unidentified creature showed up next to my table. Apologies in advance for how this was shot but I didn’t want to miss a howl!

After a leisurely morning, I enjoyed a blissful, 90-minute massage. The therapist was even nice enough to take my picture. which I told her would be the only non-selfie one of my vacation.
For dinner I checked out the last of three restaurants at the resort: Ostra. Situated next to the pool and under a full moon, this open-air eatery was incredible. If you frequent this blog, you know I eat my way around the world and this meal was one of my best. Not to make you hungry but I have to share the details of my feast. The meal started off with an amuse-bouche (not pictured) of ginger, soy salmon chevice.

From top left: seasame encrusted sweet tofu in a cucumber, chile oil gazpacho with the signature cocktail – the Ostra: Tanqueray Ten gin, rosemary, grapefruit juice, lemongrass and ginger syrup. Bottom left: asparagus, shrimp and ayote (squash) risotto, which had more shrimp than risotto – yum! Top right: deconstructed ayote cheesecake with caramelized cashews. Needless to say, I went to bed full and happy. Thanks for stopping by.

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