I’ll start off by saying that I don’t believe in ghosts. I was raised fairly conservatively – like I wasn’t allowed to use things like Ouija boards at sleepovers, which in hindsight is fine by me. I also think horoscopes and fortune cookies are entertainment not predictions. I am amused my my astrological sign attributes but I don’t understand or pattern my life after which house my moon is rising in or whatever that stuff is.

That said, being in New Orleans you are surrounded by things like voodoo, palm readers and shrunken heads. Undoubtedly these are more concentrated in the touristy areas we were walking around this week. Last night, Wendy and Marjean wanted to go to a psychic. I figured I would just watch, but I was curious. They didn’t seem to be hearing anything too awful. In the vein of trying new things and seeing what happens, I gave into the peer pressure.

The whole thing lasted longer than you probably care to read about here, so here are a few highlights:

  • I’m supposed to write stuff, maybe even a book at some point. I think the blog fits that bill.
  • She said Brian and I needed to stop going back and fourth about something, probably kids I thought to myself. Then she said I’m too busy to have kids, but she saw adoption later on. Huh, sorry mom.
  • I want to do something big with my life. I would be involved in helping the poor and getting others involved in that too. Yep, sounds like me.
  • She said I was a jack-of-all-trades (master of none) and would be a lifelong learner.
  • My husband loves me very much. Knew that, but nice that the universe sees it too. 
  • She told me I was intense, needed to give myself a break sometimes (true) and made decisions with a masculine mind. Also, she concluded that I could probably change a flat tire faster than most men. Not sure that’s true, but amusing. 
  • She saw me having a very long and phenomenal life. Sweet! She also said that I was an old soul and thought of myself as being older than I really am.
  • She said I was at a crossroads, but unlike a “normal” crossroads, mine was a really good one. Sounds good to me. 
  • Finally, she said my business line was strong on my palm. This is awesome, since my eMBA program starts soon. 😉 My palm reading also started with her saying, “woah, you are one tough cookie” as soon as I turned over my hand. I just laughed.

Conclusion:  Aside from the fact that being in the voodoo store totally freaked me out, the whole thing seemed pretty harmless. The woman was friendly and mostly told me things I already knew, I just sort of wonder how she knew them too…thanks for checking in!

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