Have you ever read that book – The Five Love Languages? I think it’s essential for anyone in a relationship – friendly or romantic. It breaks down the five basic ways people feel most loved by others. I won’t get into it too much more but to say that my primary love language is giving and receiving gifts. Probably why I love to do the blog winner weekends so much! I am talking about this now because I got a great gift yesterday that I wanted to tell you about.

I have shared a couple of my other favorite gifts in the past, if you are new to the blog you can check out the posts here and here, and besides just liking to get gifts (who doesn’t really), I love when they are perfect for me. When you feel like someone took time out to do something that they knew you would love, instead of my sometimes frazzled gift card solution on my way to the party – not hating on gift cards, I love them too – but you know what I mean.

Anyway, since I am leaving my job and my last day of work is today, my co-workers gave me a massage from my favorite masseuse, which is awesome, thanks so much for that! My boss also announced that they would be giving me 50,000 airline miles on any airline from our company credit card! (As you may recall, I recently counted up all of my frequent flier miles to see where I could go.) Now I have enough miles to go pretty much anywhere I want and the fun part is going to be figuring out just where that might be. Where would you go if you had a ticket to anywhere?

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