Yesterday was our pontoon boat adventure. The weather was perfect for a day on the water and, despite a lot of jellyfish, snorkeling. Stef & J.M.’s friend, Donahue, took one for the team (statistically speaking) and got stung in the stomach – he referred to himself afterwards as “jelly belly”. [In case you wondered, he refused all offers to pee on the sting to take the pain away.]
While snorkeling we saw the 8′ tall underwater Jesus off Key Largo – Christ of the Abyss. [Thank you to the Florida Keys website for this lovely photo.]
My lovely hosts, J.M. and Stefanie.
After we left the pontoon adventure, Stef and I drove down to Key West. I am so excited we are going to be spending two days down here. Last year Brian and I made it halfway down the Keys but ran out of time and had to turn back. We checked into our hotel and headed out to explore the town. We ate dinner at Caroline’s Cafe and hit up Fat Tuesday’s for a frozen beverage (pictured above). We walked around, took in some live music, got a great deal on some flip flops and called it a night. In all it was a pretty perfect day. Thanks for reading along!

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