Hello! I have missed you all so! (School is officially over for the semester in a couple of weeks, so I plan on catching up with you soon.) In the meantime, I wanted to share something cool with you that intersects my love for travel, winning prizes, and supporting clean water through Water.org.

This awesome group of bloggers is doing a campaign to raise money through an amazing online auction. For $10 you get one entry to win prizes that range from clothing to trips to gift cards. You can see the full list here. As you prepare for the holidays, this could be a great way to win something great for yourself or to giveaway to someone else while giving others the chance at a new life through access to water and sanitation. The prizes will be drawn in advance of December 25th, so you will even have time to shop in the chance you don’t win a riverboat cruise for your sister-in-law. Can’t wait to catch up with you soon!

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