Yesterday we spent the day at the Lott Carey Mission School. We interviewed Emile about the school and his vision for it. It was very inspiring to hear about his hopes and dreams for the school, the teachers and especially the students. We then made a small presentation of the items we brought and the Editor In Chief of the campus paper interviewed Kathi. He wanted to know if this was the only school we were visiting on our trip and if this was the only presentation we were making – he was very proud of his school.

After the tour of the compound we were told that we were going to show the teachers how to use the face paints we’d brought. We then ended up painting over 120 first, second, third and fourth graders faces. We are three of the least artistic people. So we painted stars, lightning bolts (my contribution, but no one seemed to know what they were), hearts, smiley faces, stars, flowers and butterflies. The kids loved it. At the end of the day the teacher kept telling them that school was over and to go home but they didn’t want to leave. There are so many possibilities for the school. I can’t wait to start recruiting friends to come back with me in the future!

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