Alright, I survived my first pared down packing experiment back in July/August, however in all fairness I was packing for a week in the woods. This had to be the easiest one to start with. I am now heading into round two – a four day weekend in New York City. Shockingly, the city is far more stylish than the middle of the woods. This challenge is compounded with weather (high low 70’s/low mid 50’s) and the fact that I am not entirely sure what all we’ll be up too, which necessitates some flexibility in my wardrobe selections. Here is what I came up with:

Exactly one dozen toiletries – really glad I don’t wear makeup, it saves me from lugging around more.
Okay, I realize that three pairs of pants is probably a bit much but I had a regular and a fancy pair of jeans picked out and then I spotted my long forgotten (over the summer) pair of grey cords and had to add them. Then, NYC is going to recognize me by this jacket because I’m only packing one.
Two sweaters and three fancy tanks.
Then we have jammies (shorts and a t-shirt), two other t-shirts, five pairs of socks and three pairs of shoes – all relatively comfortable to walk all over the city in.
I like to pack one “outfit” where I have something planned for the day after I arrive so I at least look put together on one day. I really should have added white tank tops to my post on things I never leave home without.
Finally, I won’t be packing into my hiking backpack this time, but am opting for something that will be easy to handle on the subway and the sidewalks. This is the smallest suitcase I have with wheels so I think it will work as a carry-on just fine. I haven’t decided what to bring as my other carry-on but I’ll probably go with my laptop backpack (hands-free!).

In addition to the 38 items pictured, I am also bringing 7 undergarments, my laptop, camera, iPod, sunglasses, a book, two magazines, my wallet, a small purse, my idea journal, a pack of gum, a couple of granola bars, two shoe bags, one Space Bag for dirty clothes and a pen. This brings me to a grand total of 63 items (including my other carry-on bag, in case you were counting) and a bit of anxiety as I wonder if I packed enough stuff. I am sort of surprised at how hard this is for me but I think it’s good practice. Thanks for checking in!

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