Last year I posted about my travel quirk of hiding magazines on planes for the next passenger. I hadn’t shared another one of my travel oddities with you for a while so I thought I would fill you in on another. I really hate flying with a partially empty suitcase and go to (maybe strange) lengths to avoid doing so.

The way I see it is that I take my time to pack neatly. Wrapping delicate items, rolling things that might wrinkle and placing shoes at the outsides to protect the contents on the insides. It is a science, I am sure. Then, you know how this goes, you zip up your bag, tilt it upright and everything shifts to the bottom and messes up all your hard work. Or you get to the airport and TSA has to rifle through everything – and they never re-secure those flimsy internal suitcase clothes belts, or whatever they are called. You can also cram in as much as possible to eliminate gaps but then your bag is over-weight. Really annoying process right?

Enter my secret weapon….bubble bags! These things featured below:

I just save all the ones I get free in the mail when I order things at work or at home and then I just pile them in a closet. You can stuff them in your bag, they weigh nothing and can be easily reused or tossed away. Thanks for checking in!

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