On Friday we visited five borrower sites from another one of our partners. We saw shallow wells, like the one on the left, and bathrooms, like the structure to the right. The shallow well is hand dug twenty feet deep with a knotted rope tied to a 10L bucket. I tried my hand at pulling up a bucket and only made it halfway, the rope was digging into my hands. It’s amazing to watch the women do it like it’s nothing.
After our work was complete in Meru, we drove the five hours back to Nairobi. We headed out at 6am to watch Nairobi National Park wake up (this is also where the movie Out of Africa was filmed). Lucky for us, we had an awesome guide (our driver for all of our field visits this week) who knew exactly where to look for animals. We passed other drivers along the way who said they hadn’t spotted anything yet. We saw baboons, rhino, giraffe, zebra, gazelle, antelope, crocodile, secretary bird, vulture, quail, warthog, rock herix and ostrich.

The elephants pictured above were at our second destination, The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, which is an orphanage for elephants who have lost their mothers to ivory poachers. The elephants stay there until they are three, usually, and they work on getting them stronger and releasing them back into the wild. It was quite humbling to see so many magnificent animals in the wild. The baby elephants playing the mud hole was probably the best, enjoy!

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