I will be the first to admit that I am not really the “Four Seasons” type – whatever that means. Well, I guess I can tell you what it means after a short shuttle bus ride into town. Two women sat in front of us discussing whose yellow, square cut diamond was larger and how they had to have their current spouses sign pre-nups in order to protect their own wealth. The other conversations on the bus were strangely similar – second homes, buying quarter horses based on hip proportions, and trying to make gift getters be more grateful. It’s not that I have a problem with any of these people; it’s just a stark contrast between them and where I live.
My attempt to copy the brochure photo of the pool.
I chose this place, this island, to get away. Billed as the “quiet, romantic and relaxing” island, I was all in. It’s funny to pretend to live in the same universe as some of the other guests, although I guess we really do live, vote, work and invest together – I just don’t plan on buying any quarter horses anytime soon. 
This island has definitely been a great getaway. I feel like I am in another country or on a cruise ship. Your itinerary is up to you and the biggest decision is where to eat your next meal. I have also caught up on some long overdue reading. I finally finished When Helping Hurts [a suggestion from my pastor] – a great book that discusses how to alleviate poverty without being harmful to the poor or yourself. The gist was to never do anything for the poor that they themselves can do. I also finished Seth Godin’s book Tribes which talks about not being afraid to start your own movement [or tribe] through just doing what you are passionate about without any boundaries of fear. Being a leader without really having to manage the process. A great, quick read I would highly recommend. Tomorrow we’re off to Maui!

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