Today we spent the day in Port-au-Prince visiting orphanages, churches and schools that either have working water systems or want one. One of the orphanages had a large group of girls who had been rescued from a human trafficking ring. Despite being through a lot, they were trusting of us and desperate for hugs. It was heart-breaking to think about what they had been through. They sang songs and played games with us. I was grateful to the orphanage for being there.

In other news, the weather here has been beautiful. We drove by the remnants of the Presidential Palace and got to see a lot more of the earthquake damage. My friend that I came down here with is finally feeling better after being sick for three days. It was interesting to experience Haitian health care after reading a book about global health care while I was here for a policy class I have next semester. We are leaving tomorrow morning but we won’t be home until late. Looking forward to sharing photos with you soon!

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