This week:

The runoff election results for the Presidential race in Liberia are expected to come in as early as today. The current President – Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is expected to retain office. Her opponent chose to boycott the runoff election claiming that ballot fraud had taken place during the initial election.

I listened to a Radiolab podcast this week on my way to work that was talking about all the horrible diseases one can pick up in South Sudan. It wasn’t the main point of the podcast, but that was the part the stuck with me the most. Especially the gruesome details of the guinea worm. [I know some of you might be eating right now so I won’t go into detail but when you have a chance you should read this.]

At work I learned more about people’s everyday struggles to find clean water and a toilet as I helped craft a report for a donor.

I felt stressed as I tried to figure out how to get all of my homework done, in an effort to create a little free-time between work and school.

And then, I realized how dumb number four was. I mean, I am all for fun and free-time, but sometimes I amaze myself at how narrow my focus can be. I have all of these giant issues looming around me and I am concerned about having too much homework? Geez. But at least I noticed. Hope you’re having an enlightened day too!

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