1.) Ganong was the first chocolate company to introduce the heart shaped Valentine box of chocolate in 1932. 2.) In the chocolate shop they sold lobster flavored potato chips – I had to buy a bag. Verdict – tasted like fish food not lobster. 3.) From L-R: Brian, my dad, Brian’s dad, Thomas 4.) I think my mother-in-law is enjoying her trip to the museum with the unlimited samples. 5.) Brian and Thomas faced off on the chocolate packing game. Brian won, but was far off the company standard of 17 seconds.

On our way to St. Andrews by-the-Sea (more on that tomorrow), we stopped in St. Stephens at the Ganong Chocolate Factory and Museum – inventor of the chicken bones. For anyone who knows my mother-in-law, you know what a big hit (and a a must have) this was. Thanks for checking in!

P.S. The packing challenge is going well. I have had everything I needed, except for the silica gel I usually bring along for wet cameras (sorry, Scott). I definitely brought way too many clothes.

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