Well, I guess my plans of hiding out in the Tana airport to avoid missing my morning flight to Fort Dauphin are not going to happen. I was told by the Azafady people that they close the airport at night and people can’t sleep on the floor. They are booking me a room nearby instead.

Apparently I will be on the same flight from Paris as one of my co-volunteers. He is not one of the people I have heard back from via e-mail so I guess I will just have to see who seems like a Swedish chef in the waiting area. Several of the other volunteers will be on the morning flight to Fort Dauphin as well, so we will probably get to meet in the hotel before we depart the capital city.

It’s hard to believe how soon I will be leaving. I will be in California presenting at a conference later this week so I only have two and half days left in the office. My goal for the weekend is to pack. I am gathering my last minute items and will hopefully be done by the weekend’s close.

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