As I am settling into my new job, I am also awaiting upcoming adventures. Brian and I are going to be spending three weeks in New Zealand in November and I am hoping to start my travels for work shortly after that. In preparation, I have been stockpiling lots of new travel goodies that I thought I might share with you, in case you are looking for anything to make your travel more fun, organized and bearable.

The first item up is this awesome, two-person hammock from REI. I tried it out over a weekend at the lake this summer and it’s great, very lightweight, easy to pack and only $70. Also, in case you hadn’t heard (fellow Kansas Citians) our REI store is opening on September 27th, so you can buy it in person!
I love traveling with a hiking pack instead of a suitcase. It keeps things better organized, leaves my hands free and fits easily in the overhead compartment. This one is 55L, which is much larger than my other medium-sized pack, and this color was on sale!
I’ve been wanting this book forever but it ships from the UK, so I had put off ordering it until recently. It’s a tiny book full of photographs of common things you might need while traveling. Since my language skills aren’t that great, and international travels await me, I will be packing this along, and yes, pointing to it.
You never know when a blanket might come in handy for a picnic, and stealing hotel towels for the occasion looks strange (or so I’ve heard). I read about Parasheets and got one for my birthday. I haven’t used it yet, but it’s going to be great when I do — it has pockets you can weigh the blanket down with sand or rocks and places to stake it down, if you want. Pretty sure if you get cold, it would double as a blanket, hence the “multipurpose.”
Finally, I discovered these laundry sheets that are about the size of a postage stamp. You can use a couple for a sink-load of laundry or a few more for a machine load. I love packing light, avoiding costly laundry charges, and doing laundry (as my family knows), so these are perfect for me.

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