We woke up to another rainy day, can’t remember the last time I had a rainy vacation (if ever). We tried, again, to go to the Pancake Pantry but there was a huge line out the door. You know I love pancakes, but I’m not going to wait in an hour-long line just for a table. We’re going to try again on Sunday.

We opted for Fido, which is rumored to be Taylor Swift’s favorite breakfast spot. It was yummy and the wait was much more manageable.
After a little relaxing at the hotel, we drove about an hour and a half to Tullahoma, TN to take a tour of the George Dickel whisky distillery. (Their sipping whisky is so good, they decided they would spell it the Scottish way without the ‘e’.) Since you weren’t allowed to take photos, I don’t have much to share, but it was a fun 45-minute walk through a small, local-run distillery. We didn’t get to taste any on the tour but we’re going to try to find some before we leave TN.
We got a recommendation for a place to eat on our way back to Nashville from the tour guide and that landed us in Bell Buckle, TN – a small but charming town right outside of Chattanooga, home of Moon Pies and RC Cola. I always love a piece of lemon meringue pie after a good diner grilled cheese and Brian enjoyed a Moon Pie sundae.
After we got back from the TN hills, we headed out to Cheekwood Art & Gardens to see Bruce Munro’s Night Lights exhibit. We got there a little before sunset so we could see things during the day and then we walked around again after we ate dinner at the Pineapple Room on the property. The best thing, besides the exhibit, was that it stopped raining while we were there. When we left, it started raining again so we called it a night.

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