Some people go on pilgrimages to baseball stadiums, others track lighthouses, me I like some good design and fashion. When I saw on Twitter that Anthropologie was opening an accessories only store I was psyched and added to my itinerary for the weekend. I flew in this afternoon and had lunch at the mall where the store was. I figured, hey, I’m here might as well check it out. (For those of you who don’t know, I am trying to buy nothing this year, which mostly has meant that I limit any temptation to shop, but I have a weakness for new and limited things so I had to go.)

Anyway, for you fans out there, the Anthro Accessories Store did not disappoint. I would’ve taken better photos than the ones below but I think they probably already thought I was a little weird for taking cell phone photos. I may have bought things because of that – I didn’t want to look like a total nut job.

Nashville souvenirs (necklace left, sandals right). Is Nashville exotic enough for souvenirs? Sure!

After trekking to the mall, I headed downtown to happy hour at the Listening Room to meet up with the HandsOn Nashville staff, great people. We had a great time eating, laughing, talking, listening to music and drinking the new Jameson Honey Whiskey (or something like that). Naturally after dinner I went to a contra dance. All in all, another good night in Nashville. Thanks for checking in!

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