1. Only in Nashville would you find cowboy boot galoshes, so cool! 2. It was so cold and windy that some of the veggies we planted had to be insulated in the hopes that they don’t freeze overnight. 3. Jessica, one of the Youth Volunteers plants a blueberry bush at Rocketown – a cool hangout for area teens. 4. Old tires were fashioned into planters for flowers at the Rocketown garden.

Global Youth Service Day, which engages youth in over 100 countries around the world in service during the same weekend, was a big hit in Nashville. With kids from across the city, the Youth Volunteer Corps of Nashville (sponsored by HandsOn Nashville) we kicked off another project in their Fit 2 Serve series with a wake-up Zumba class. The youth scattered to seven different gardening sites to plant vegetables to help with urban food deserts (where people lack access to fresh and healthy foods) and increase the nutrition quotient in a state that ranks 49th for childhood and adult obesity. Job well done everyone!

Digging a hole for a raspberry bush. Photo by J. Michael Krouskop.

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